Community Calendar

Please enjoy this Calendar of Events highlighting just a few of Waterford Township’s abundant opportunities to connect with your friends, neighbors, and community!

We know that in a fast-paced world with busy schedules it can be a challenge to find time to make these vital connections. We also believe that Waterford is made better when the people who live, work and play here have the chance to meet up and share common interests in recreation, activities, education, volunteering, support of charitable organizations, community meetings, and more.

The events listed here are a small selection of the vast options available to help connect our residents, business owners, students and visitors. For more information and to discover many more, please visit the websites below throughout the year for the most current information:



Waterford School District:

We look forward to connecting with you!

Click images below for a downloadable and printable PDF to post on the fridge or at your launch pad at the home or office!

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