H. S. Elliot

H. S. ELLIOTT, who for the past four years has been the efficient county commissioner of the schools for Oakland County, was born at Cleveland, Ohio, in 1858, but was reared at his present home in Oxford, to which he was brought at the age of four years by his parents, James and Lucy (Burroughs) Elliott. The father was a tinner by trade and worked in a number of large cities, and both he and wife died in Oxford township.

Our subject was educated in the Davisburg schools and in the Pontiac High School. After completing his education he entered upon the profession of teaching,--in Clyde, Waterford and Oxford townships,--continuing in the county schools for 23 successive years. In 1899 he was elected county commissioner, was re-elected in 1901 and again in 1903, there being no opposing candidate at the last election.

Mr. Elliott has devoted his whole life to school interests and few citizens are better or more favorably known throughout Oakland County. His work requires a great amount of energy and executive ability and the possession of many qualities for which Mr. Elliott is noted. He has under his care, management and supervision, 207 schools, which is the largest number of any county in the State, and the average attendance, outside of Pontiac, is something like 4,000 pupils. He has an office at Oxford, where he has a graded school in charge of a superintendent, with eight teachers, and this village has been his permanent home for the past 13 years. His residence on East Burdick street is one of the most attractive modern homes in the place, as well as one of the centers of the town's intellectual and refined life.

Mr. Elliott was married in Livingston County, Michigan, to a daughter of Charles Stevens, and one daughter, Josephine, aged 10 years, has been born to this marriage.

Politically, Mr. Elliott is identified with the Republican party and has served in official capacities, usually of an educational character. He is one of the leading members of the Michigan Teachers' Reading Circle, of which John C. Ketch is secretary, a literary organization of State reputation. Fraternally, Mr. Elliott is a prominent Mason, belonging to the blue lodge and chapter at Oxford. He is also a member of the Loyal Guard, of Foresters of America and of the Uniform Rank, Knights of Pythias, being keeper of the records and seals in the latter body. In religious views he is a Congregationalist.

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