Thomas J. Jones

THOMAS J. JONES, one of the most prominent farmers of Oakland County, and a leading citizen in the affairs of Waterford township, owns a fine farm of 230 acres in section 26. He was born in section 23, Waterford township, Oakland County, March 4, 1847, and is a son of Henry N. and Mary (Williams) Jones, both of whom were born in Monmouthshire, Wales.

Henry N. Jones, who was a carpenter by trade, was a man in good circumstances in his native country, was well educated and possessed a remarkably fine library of religious works. On account of oppressive laws, he immigrated to America in 1836, bringing with him his wife, five children and his mother-in-law. He purchased a farm of 80 acres in section 23, Waterford township, Oakland County, Michigan, where he farmed, did shoemaking and for some time also engaged in carpenter work. He cleared almost 60 acres of his land by his own hands. In politics he became identified with the Democratic party. Both he and his wife were Presbyterians in religious faith. The children of Henry N. and Mary (Williams) Jones were: Mrs. Rachel Williams, of Ionia, Michigan; Mrs. Maria Bachman; Mrs. Ann Emmons; Edward, of Utica, Michigan; Mrs. Elizabeth Campbell, of Waterford township: Thomas J., of this sketch; and Susan and William, both of Waterford township.

Thomas J. Jones grew to manhood on the farm and has long been considered one of the leading agriculturists of the county. He owns a fine estate of 230 acres under the highest state of cultivation, almost all of which he has accumulated by his own efforts. His interest in agricultural movements has been shown by his active membership both in the Grange and the Farmers' Club, where his suggestions and experiments are listened to with interest and advantage.

Mr. Jones married Elizabeth Berger, who was born at Fayette, Seneca County, New York, and a son and daughter have been born to them,--Kate D. and Charles H.

In politics Mr. Jones is a stanch Democrat, and as a responsible and intelligent man he has been called upon to fill many of the local offices which he has done with the greatest efficiency. He was supervisor for seven years, much to the benefit of the county and for eight years, township clerk and as a member of the Board of Review. Fraternally, he is a Mason. Both he and his wife belong to the Methodist Church.

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