Michael McCann

MICHAEL McCANN, the subject of this memoir, is a leading farmer and business man of Independence township, Oakland County, owning and operating a well cultivated farm of 80 acres situated in section 28. He was born October 13, 1846, at Clashmore, near Waterford, Ireland, and is a son of Maurice McCann.

Maurice McCann, who was born in Ireland, conducted a hotel in his native country prior to immigrating to America in 1850 with his wife and family. He was engaged in railroading and farming after he became a resident of the United States. He died in Detroit in 1872, at the age of 60 years. He and his wife Catherine had three children: John; Michael, our subject; and Bridget (Sheridan), who now resides in Pontiac and is the mother of seven children,--Maurice, Mary (Sewey), Charles, Sadie, Gertie, Nellie and Grace.

John McCann, our subject's older brother, who early engaged in farming in Independence township, was one of the best known agriculturists of Oakland County. When a young man he engaged in the lumbering business for the late David Ward, being employed by the month. He worked for Mr. Ward 11 years, and during this time carefully husbanded his savings so that he was able to buy a fine farm and engage in agricultural pursuits. What he had at the time of his death was obtained through his own untiring efforts and through the help of a most faithful wife, who helped to accumulate the means necessary to secure the home and property which she and her children are now enjoying. Mr. McCann was never beholden to any one for any financial help. He was married to Jennie Muirhead, a native of Pontiac, Michigan, and they were blesed (sic) with three children: Frank, Ralph M. and Mabel. He died in 1900, and left his farm of 113 acres, located in section 33, Independence township, to his widow and children.

Maurice McCann was four years of age when he came to America with his parents, who first settled in Waterford, New York, where they remained two years, and then removed to Waterford, Oakland County, Michigan. When a young man Maurice McCann engaged in the lumbering business on the Chippewa River for the late David Ward, and so continued for nine years. He then located 26 years ago on his farm of 80 acres in section 28, Independence township. He lives with Mrs. John McCann, his widowed sister-in-law, who owns an adjoining farm of 113 acres in section 33. The farms are well kept up and each have a number of substantial buildings. Mr. McCann and his sister-in-law are interested in general farming and raise grain extensively, besides growing about 600 bushels of potatoes annually. Politically, our subject is a Republican, but takes little interest in politics.

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