Any inquiries you may have regarding vehicle registrations and licenses expiring must be answered by the Michigan Secretary of State’s Office at 888-767-6424 or on the web at www.michigan.gov. 

The Police cannot give legal advice.

To make an online police report please click on the link for Crimes and Reporting.

The Parking lot is video recorded and may still be accessed for child exchange purposes.

Photo of Police Department

Mission Statement

POLICY: (How) 

The mission of the Waterford Police Department is to create a culture within our organization that we can proudly take with us into the community, allowing us to provide effective and efficient police service. We will promote a positive attitude and image within our community and work alongside citizens to help ensure a safe environment for all people to live, work, and visit. 

GOALS: (What) 

To help our citizens, businesses and community leaders identify and address crime, fear of crime, social and physical disorder, and neighborhood decay, thereby improving the overall quality of life for all. 


Our culture at The Waterford Township Police Department is defined by this list of sixteen different principles that tells everyone WHO WE ARE. Community problems and issues will change. Policing practices, technology, and personnel will change. WHO WE ARE will never change. We will be guided by these principles which will drive decision making throughout our organization.

2023 Dog Census

2023 Dog Census

If You See Something, Say Something

With the recent international events, Waterford Police want to remind everyone they can be an extension of law enforcement, as our the eyes and ears, by reporting unusual or suspicious activities. “If you see something, say something”. Report suspicious activity by calling Waterford Police at 248-674-7527 or call 911 in case or emergency.


Internet Purchase Exchange Location 'Safe Zone'

Internet meetup spot

Waterford Police is encouraging Internet users to use the Police Department as a "safe zone" for exchanging purchases.

Please park at the "MEETUP SPOT" posted in the parking lot of the Police Department when making your exchanges.

Frequently Asked Questions