Sprinkler Meter Installation & Water Only Billing

You may have heard from a friend or neighbor that a 2nd water meter could be saving money on your quarterly water and sewer bill. Waterford Township offers a 2nd sprinkler meter for outdoor watering to residential and commercial customers connected to Township water. Water used outdoors for lawn and water gardening does not enter the Detroit sanitary sewer system. By investing in a 2nd meter, you will not be charged for sewer.

Step 1. Purchasing Your Meter

A Sprinkler meter can be purchased at the counter of the Waterford Township DPW. The current charge for a 5/8 inch sprinkler meter is $100. A 1 inch sprinkler meter is $200. At this time, you will be provided with 2 meter couplings. The spacing of these couplings is:
  • 5/8 inches meter – 7.5 inches space between couplings
  • 1 inch meter – 10.75 inches space between couplings

Step 2. Plumbing Your Home

The home or business owner is responsible for ensuring their home’s plumbing is set up correctly for a 2nd meter. A schematic as well as a list of licensed plumbers and contractors is available upon request when the meter is paid for. A plumbing permit and inspection is mandatory through the building department. If hiring out to a plumber, request that the plumber pull the permit. This ensures a chain of responsibility.

Step 3. Meter Installation

Once the plumbing has been inspected and approved, call the DPW to set up an appointment to install your water meter and an exterior meter reader. Installation typically takes 1/2 an hour. Sprinkler meter charges will be included in your quarterly utility bill. Current standard minimum charges are $11.94 per quarter for the first 1,000 cubic feet and $2.66/100 cubic feet over 1,000. This minimum charge may vary depending on meter size and usage.

All meter information and pricing is subject to change. Please contact the DPW for current pricing, questions, and appointments at 248-674-2278, option 2.