Fire suppression and EMS services in Waterford are supplemented by the selfless dedication of volunteer fire fighters who, without pay, give their time and talents in the service of the citizens. Time and again these dedicated individuals leave their homes and families when the alarm sounds to respond to an emergency incident somewhere in Waterford.

Volunteers are selected through a rigorous screening process and, once selected, receive fire fighter and EMS training provided by the Department. Many continue with their education and become a state certified fire fighter and Medical First Responder or Basic EMT.
Each year volunteer fire fighters are called upon and respond to nearly 2,000 alarms and dedicate almost 1,000 hours to training. They also spend another 1,500 hours each year as ride-along participants (or 3rd riders) on Department apparatus in order to keep their skills honed. The volunteers are also heavily involved in and are deeply committed to building community relations. They tirelessly promote fire safety, arson awareness and raise funds for such worthy organizations as Jerry's Kids (The Muscular Dystrophy Association) and the University of Michigan Trauma Burn Center.

They play an instrumental role in local events such as the annual Quake on the Lake hydroplane races, Waterford Summerfest and the annual fire department open house during fire prevention week.