Library Garden Club

Library entrance
The purpose of this group is to offer members an opportunity to develop their gardening knowledge and skills. Participation will be a combination of hands-on experience and educational seminars. Janet Macunovich, master gardener, and designer of our gardens, often leads educational seminars or connects us with knowledgeable discussion leaders. She also serves as "crew chief" for the projects currently in development as well as those we will create as time, talent and funding allow. 


  • 2nd Wednesday of the month, generally. December - no meeting, January and February seminars only from 7:00p-8:00p, currently virtual via Zoom. 
  • Topics covered based on the interests of attendees in conjunction with the needs of the gardens during the growing season. 
  • During the growing season, March through November, work bees to keep up with gardening tasks required followed by educational seminars. These run from 4:30p-8:00p.

Join Us

There is no cost to join the Library Garden Club beyond your time to attend meetings and your participation in work bees on the gardens at the Library. To sign up, email Joan Rogers, Library Director, or call her at 248-618-7691, to give her your name, phone number, and email address. Notices about meetings and work bees are by email.