In-Network Interlibrary Loan Process

Place a hold in our catalog or ask a librarian to place a hold on the item you want. hold button from discovery catalog
The next day (except Sundays), the lending library receives and prints a list of items to pull.  Retrieving send-item list from printer
Library staff pulls items from the shelves. Library staff removing book from shelf
Library staff "triggers" holds on pulled items in the computer system and prints a slip for each item indicating where it is going.  Trapping holds and printing slips for pulled items

Library staff put items in bins for sorting at TLN headquarters.
Books in bin ready to go to TLN 
Bins get picked up by a TLN driver and taken to TLN headquarters for sorting. TLN truck 
Items are sorted at TLN headquarters for delivery to over 50 member libraries in southeast Michigan.
Bins of items are delivered to requesting libraries. TLN driver unloading truck 
Library staff "triggers" holds on received items; automated notices via email, phone, or text are sent out. Trapping holds on received items 
Library staff puts items on hold shelves for you to pick up. Holds pick-up shelves