Activity Centers

A Universe of Stories Slogan v2
This summer's theme is "A Universe of Stories"!  Each week we will offer a different space theme that features a variety of activities including astronomy, recommended for ages 3-12.  Students can design, build, create, problem solve, paint, and more.  No registration required.  Just drop in during the open hours and make, create, and take.

The weekly themes are:
Week 5: Shoot for the Moon
July 15
10:00AM-12:00PM and 2:00-4:00PM
July 16
July 17-18
10:00AM-12:00PM and 2:00-4:00PM

Paint and decorate "moon rocks" and "space rocks". We'll have some other activities to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the first man on the Moon.
Astronaut floating in front of the moon
Child and aliens driving a spaceship
Week 6: Visiting Planet Earth
July 22-25
10:00AM-12:00PM and 2:00-4:00PM

Be a tourist on our own Planet Earth.  Learn how Earthlings live.  Make some Earth souvenirs.