Waterford Insider January 2018
Monthly recycling

Monthly Recycling - First Saturday

Waterford Township offers free monthly recycling collection of magazines and cardboard (shipping boxes, cereal boxes, toothpaste boxes, etc, free of food debris and dry.)
This service is provided the first Saturday of every month (January 6, 2018) from 9am to 1pm in the parking lot at Township Hall.
Waterford residents only, please.

bone chiller

Last Chance for Tickets - Annual Chamber Awards

Chamber annual dinner
The Waterford Area Chamber of Commerce cordially invites you and your associates to the 19th Annual Meeting & Awards Dinner featuring the master mind mentalist, Brent Webb.

Brent Webb will astound you! He sees with your eyes! He hears with your ears! He thinks with YOUR mind!

Webb predicts your actions and thoughts with uncanny accuracy, from the name of your first love to the amount of change in your pocket. He performs a high speed, interactive, full stage extravaganza that will have you questioning what is real and unreal. Webb’s show is a breathtaking, dramatic, and energetic voyage to the farthest reaches of your mind!
Join us for the fun evening as we recognize the accomplishments of our peers and celebrate the abundant relationships built throughout the year.

January 25, 2018 5-9pm
Ticket cost: $48.00

CPA 2016

2018 Citizen's Police Academy - Applications Now Being Accepted

The Waterford Police Department is inviting all Waterford Residents, and/or Waterford business owners to join their team for one night a week, for eight weeks, from 6:00pm to 9:00pm beginning Monday, February 12, 2018 through April 2, 2018.
We offer an educational and hands-on forum for learning the components that make up your police force. Go for a ride-a-long with an officer, test your skills on the gun range, learn precision driving in a patrol vehicle, experience first-hand what an officer sees, hears and what they are trained to do under a variety of circumstances.
Applications can be picked up at the Waterford Police Department or by visiting www.waterfordmi.gov/162/police. All applications need to be returned to the Waterford Police Department, Attention: Administrative Sgt. Will Dolehanty by February 1, 2018.

If you have any questions regarding the academy, please contact Sgt. Dolehanty at 248-618-6057.
*Class size is limited

Chief & Supervisor with Montage

Keepsake Waterford Montage
Get Your Copy Now!

Pick up your copy of the new Waterford montage featuring iconic locations around Waterford that will surely stir up some fond memories and hometown pride!

A beautifully crafted artist's rendering to be displayed in your home, business location, or office for years to come. Just $10 cash or check. Available at Town Hall in the Supervisor's office, the Waterford Public Library or the Waterford Chamber office while supplies last!

Call 248-674-6201 for more information.

Special Thanks to Chief of Police Scott Underwood and Township Supervisor Gary Wall for their help showing off these unique treasures in the photo above!

Pirate Bash & Mermaid Splash
ice rescue

Ice Safety Advice from the Fire Dept.

Remember no ice is 100 % safe.  The following information is a recommended guide to help judge recreational use of clear, solid blue ice and help you minimize your risk:

  • 5" inches thick minimum for general use (fisherman, ice skaters, and foot traffic)
  • 8" inches thick minimum for travel by snowmobile, Off Road Vehicle (ORV)
  • We do not recommend automobiles out on the ice.
Survey the ice, keeping in mind that ice conditions change day by day, lake by lake, and location by location on the same body of water.  Some signs of changing ice conditions can be, but are not limited to: moving water near a stream, river, unseen spring or inlet, slushy areas, depressions in the snow, heavy snow, white “milky” or black colored ice and “frazzle” ice  weakened by the freeze-thaw cycles.  Frazzle ice is pocketed with tiny air pockets and often looks like frozen slush. These are all signs of thin ice or unsafe ice.
  • Do not go out alone on the ice.
  • Check with someone who has experience with a particular lake or pond before you venture out on the ice.
  • Always leave a travel plan with someone who can call for help and direct a search party if you do not return. Plan ahead by dressing appropriately for changing weather conditions.  Dress in layers to protect all exposed parts of your body.  Consider wearing a personal flotation device (PFD) as part of your overall protective clothing or a flotation jacket or suit.  Ice creepers attached to boots will help to keep you stable on the ice and can assist in self-rescue.
  • Bring safety items which may include: cell phone, whistle, rope, ice pick or awls, screw driver, hand flares, flashlight, throwable PFD.  Plan ahead for a rescue.
  • Check and double check the ice thickness with an ice spud, auger or cordless drill.  If you discover a weak spot, retrace your route off the ice.  Keep a distance between others in your group.
  • If you hear the ice crack or detect unsafe ice you should stay spread out, immediately lie down (which will distribute your weight) and crawl back to safer ice by the same way you came.
  • If someone falls through the ice, do not run to the hole.  First call 911 and get help on the way and then use a pole, branch, rope or any other handy object, which can be extended to the victim from a safe position.  You cannot help if you also become a victim.
  • If you fall through the ice, do not panic, because this will only hinder your self-rescue actions.  Call out for help and kick your feet while getting your hands and then arms up onto safer ice.  This is when the ice awl or screwdriver will help you with your self-rescue.  Continue to "swim" up onto the ice far enough to crawl or "roll-out" to safer ice.
  • Snowmobiles, ORV's and vehicles on the ice increase your risk of falling through, especially at night.  Many accidents occur when operators are driving at a high rate of speed (over driving) and are unable to slow or stop in time to avoid open water or unsafe ice. 
  • Pets that venture onto unsafe ice are another major cause for many near drownings and deaths.  If you find your pet has ventured out onto the ice, resist the urge to go out after them.  Stay at a safe position on shore and persuade them back to safety. 
  • Wildlife that ventures onto unsafe ice is a natural occurrence.  Wildlife such as deer are strong swimmers prepared for cold weather and find their own way off the ice.  Most often, wildlife discovered in the water are injured and succumb to injuries from predators or natural forces.

Be Safe - Deputy Fire Chief Matt Covey

daddy daughter dance

News From The Treasurer's Office

Why are tax payments mailed to a P.O. Box in Detroit?
Our local bank, JP Morgan Chase on Dixie Highway in Waterford, has a payment center located in Detroit.  This payment center saves Waterford money by collecting, posting and depositing tax payments.
Payments may be sent directly to Waterford Township Treasurer at 5200 Civic Center Dr, Waterford MI 48329.
If you initiate your payment through your financial institution, a paper check will be issued.  Make sure payment is sent to:
            5200 Civic Center Drive, Waterford, MI 48329
Do not send payment to a P.O. Box address which will delay delivery of payment.  For ONLINE BANKING through your Bank, please schedule your payment to be delivered 10 business days prior to due date or your payment may be late and interest applied.  Please note payments are posted paid the date the check is received in our office by the post office.
Online payments processed through the Township website at:
www.twp.waterford.mi.us/taxes/ will be posted paid on the scheduled payment date you choose.
We appreciate you bringing your unused envelope when making your payment at town hall.
Oakland County Animal Control has announced an increase on the 2018 license fees effective January 1, 2018.   This is the first increase in 24 years.
The license fees are:
            $10.50 if dog is spayed or neutered
            $18.00 if dog is not spayed or neutered
If pet owner is a senior citizen (65 years or older):
            $  9.75 if dog is spayed or neutered
            $16.50 if dog is not spayed or neutered
2018 dog licenses are available at the Treasurer’s Office.  To obtain a license, proof of current rabies vaccination certificate is needed. 
The Township sells only the 1-year license.   3-year license are available at Oakland County Animal Control.  Please call Animal Control at (248) 858-1090 for more information.
Oakland County Animal Control has moved from its Auburn Hills facility to Pontiac.    
The new shelter is located at 1200 N. Telegraph Road, Building 42 East, in Pontiac, next to the Oakland County Sheriff’s Office headquarters.

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

Township Offices Closed

Waterford Township Administrative Offices and the Library will be closed Monday, January 15th in observance of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.
Emergency services remain available during this administrative closure. For a list of 2018 Holidays observed with office closings, please visit the Township website at www.waterfordmi.gov/710/Public-Meetings


2018 Waterford Calendar - Highlights

Check your Winter 2017 tax bills (mailed December 1st) for your copy of the new 2018 Waterford Events highlights calendar featuring just some of Waterford Township’s abundant opportunities to connect with your friends, neighbors, and community!
We know that in a fast-paced world with busy schedules it can be a challenge to find time to make these vital connections. We also believe that Waterford  is made better when the people who live, work and play here have the chance to meet up and share common interests in recreation, activities, education, volunteering, support of charitable  organizations, community meetings, and more.

Visit the Waterford Township website in the Community tab for more information as well. And be sure to check back throughout the year for calendar updates!

Kindergarten Orientation WSD
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Naloxon Training
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