What are the advantages of the new meters and readers?
There are a multitude of advantages to new meters and readers. First, the new meters are more accurate than the existing meters currently in the Township. As meters age, moving parts within the meter casing begin to deteriorate and wear out, forcing the need for replacement. Also, the new meters being installed read at a higher resolution than most existing meters. This higher resolution permits leak detection and other customer service benefits unavailable by conventional and older style analog meters.

Another advantage to the new system is that the new meters have the ability to detect unusually high or abnormal flows. These are usually indications of leaks in a homeowner’s water system. Oftentimes, toilets and water softeners can run excessively without a homeowner knowing it, resulting in a higher quarterly bill than intended. The new meters give the DPW the ability to detect higher than average flows and assist a homeowner in troubleshooting maintenance issues. The homeowner can also look at the register head and if they see a faucet icon (which indicates a leak), they can proactively fix the problem with their home water system.

Finally, and perhaps most significantly, the new remote readers send meter reading data back to the DPW via radio frequency, thus eliminating the need for DPW employees to enter onto private property to take meter readings. Additionally, with the remote reading capabilities, the DPW can read up-to-the-minute flow data to help a homeowner detect unusually high flows without sending an employee to the home, which aids in leak detection.

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