Who decides what activities are funded?

First, each proposed activity must meet one of three National Objectives of the federal program (benefitting low income persons, preventing or eliminating slums or blight, meeting urgent needs) and be consistent with the goals contained in the community’s Consolidated Plan.  The Consolidated Plan is a 5 year planning document that sets a community’s CDBG goals.  Each year under the Consolidated Plan a document called an “Action Plan” is prepared by the community and is made available for public review and comment.  The Action Plan calls out the proposed activities to be funded and establishes an annual budget.  After the review period, a public hearing is held, and in our case it is the Township Board that finally allocate the funds through the adoption of a resolution.  The Action Plan and resolution is is then sent to HUD for approval.  HUD has 45 days to review the Action Plan and request additional information, if necessary.  If the Action Plan has been accepted by HUD, a new contract is sent to the Township to execute and funding is made available.  The Township’s CDBG program year runs between July 1st and June 30th.

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1. What is a Community Development Block Grant (CDBG)?
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4. Who decides what activities are funded?
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