What happens after an application is submitted?

If eligible, the applicant is contacted to schedule an appointment for an inspection.  Staff prepares a work write-up for repairs on your house.  The project is then released for bids to several prequalified contractors.  Contractors will contact the applicant to view the specified work for bidding purposes.  Once the winning contractor has been selected, the homeowner will be contacted to schedule a loan closing.  Once all the paperwork is signed, work should start shortly after and be completed within one-hundred twenty (120) days.  The work will be inspected by the Development Services Department before the contractor is paid.  Invoices are submitted to the Township by the contractors.  There will be no exchange of cash between Waterford Township and the homeowner, but payment is not made to the contractor until the homeowner signs off on the work.

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1. What is a Community Development Block Grant (CDBG)?
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16. What happens after an application is submitted?
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