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  1. Ask Our Librarians

    Our librarians welcome your questions. We attempt to give a 36-hour turnaround on email questions, library schedules permitting.

  2. Online Comment

    Do you have any suggestions or comments concerning our Library? Make your ideas known to the staff. Fill out the form and it will be... More…

  3. Suggest a Purchase

    Use this form to suggest a new release (2 years or newer) title for the Waterford Township Library to purchase.

  1. Email Notification Request
  2. Outreach Service Application

    An online form to request outreach services from the Waterford Township Public Library.

  3. Teen Summer Reading Program 2016

Parks & Recreation

  1. Athletic Field Rental Request

    The fields located at Waterford Parks are utilized for multiple sports from season to season. Information on prices and details for our... More…

  1. Umpire & Referee Evaluation

Residential Waste Hauler Forms

  1. Single Designated Residential Waste Hauler (GFL) "Snowbird" Form

    Waterford Township's contract with GFL for curbside collection of residential waste allows Waterford residents who also have residences... More…

  1. Single Designated Residential Waste Hauler (GFL) Recycling Opt Out Form

    Waterford Township is pleased to offer Waterford residents weekly curbside recycling at affordable rates under the single hauler... More…