Status of My Holds

Depending on how your account was configured upon registration, you may be notified one of several ways that you have material ready for pickup:

  • Email-  When you provide the library with your email address, by default, all notifications are sent via email.  Fill out a request form to set your account to email notification via the internet.
  • Text-  Your account can be configured to receive notifications via text.  This is a feature you can opt into through our online catalog or you can ask library staff to opt you into.  To sign up for this service, follow the online instructions (PDF).
  • Phone - If you did not provide the library with an email address and have not set your account up to receive text messages notifications, you will be notified via telephone of materials coming due and available for pick up.  If an answering machine is reached, the hold pickup information is left on the machine; however, no details as to what is available are given. 
Not sure how your account is set up to be notified? Contact us by phone at 248-674-4831 and press 2 to speak with a member of our circulation department.  Your library card number is needed in order for staff to provide you with information about your account and to make changes to that information over the telephone.