Circulation Loan Policy

Loan Periods

Item TypeLoan PeriodCheck-Out FeeRenewals
Fiction and Nonfiction Materials3 weeksNone2
Juvenile Fiction and Nonfiction Materials3 weeksNone2
Adult New Readers3 weeksNone2
Audiobooks3 weeksNone2
Back Issue Magazines3 weeksNone2
ESL-English as a Second Language3 weeksNone2
Juvenile Big Books3 weeksNone2
Juvenile Holiday Books3 weeksNone2
Juvenile Media Kits3 weeksNone2
Music CDs3 weeksNone2
New Large Print3 weeksNone2
Teen Books3 weeksNone2
MeLCat Fiction and Nonfiction3 weeksNone1
New Fiction and Nonfiction Materials2 weeksNone2
New Audiobooks2 weeksNone2
New Juvenile Fiction and Nonfiction Materials2 weeksNone2
Lucky Day Books2 weeksNone0
GED and ASVAB Books
1 week$20 cash deposit
1 weekNone2
Mobile Hotspots
1 weekNone2
MeLCat DVDs, VHS Tapes and Music CDs
1 weekNone2
Current Issue MagazinesNon-circulating
Reference MaterialsNon-circulatingNoneNone

Inter-Loaned Material

Loan periods on materials inter-loaned from shared system libraries may vary depending on the circulation rules of the owning library.  Some inter-loaned materials may not be renewable.  No item may be renewed if it has a hold on it.

Borrowing Guidelines

Due to the limited size of our collections, the materials listed below are subject to the following guidelines per registered borrower:

  • 3 non-fiction books on the same subject
  • 7 DVDs and 7 Music CDs at any one time

Overdue Fees

As of Tuesday, November 9, 2021, the library is no longer charging overdue fees. However, the library will continue to charge replacement costs for lost or damaged items. Items are automatically billed as lost when they are 21 days passed their due date. Cardholders may not check out additional materials, including eContent, with a lost item on their account. 
 If lost items are not returned or paid for within 45 days past their due date, a collection agency will be used to recover bills in excess of $50.00. A $12.00 non-negotiable placement fee is added to any account sent to the collection agency.