Peace and Non-violence and related subjects

These books were purchased with money donated by the group, Citizens for Peace

The Children’s books purchased with this donation are: 

How the Finch Got His Colors by Annemarie Guertin

I, Too, Am America  by Langston Hughes

Little Brown  by Marla Frazee

When Sadness Is at Your Door  by Eva Eland

The Jelly Donut Difference: Sharing Kindness with the World by Maria Dismondy

The Fruit Salad Friend: Recipe for a True Friend by Maria Dismondy 

Grace Goes to Washington  by Kelly DiPucchio 

Here and Now  by Julia Denos 

Grumpy Duck  by Joyce  Dunbar 

Run Wild by David Covell 

Adrian Simcox Does Not Have a Horse by Marcy Campbell 

The Thank You Letter by Jane Cabrera 

What If…  by Samantha Berger 

Who Was Mister Rogers?  By Diane  Bailey

Rain!  By Linda Ashman

Crescent Moons and Pointed Minarets: A Muslim Book of Shapes  by Hena  Khan

The adult books are:

The Last Million:Europe’s displaced persons from Wold War to Cold War by David Nasaw

Driving While Black by Gretchen Sorin

On Violence by Hannah Arendt

Peace: a world history by Antony Adolf

Out of Many Faiths: religious diversity & the American promise by Eboo Patel

Invited: the power of hospitality in an age of loneliness by Leslie Verner

How Minds Change: the surprising science of belief, opinion, and persuasion by David McRaney

Getting to Zero: how to work through conflict in your high-stakes relationships by Jayson Gaddis

The Art of Talking with Children: simple keys to nurturing kindness, creativity, and confidence in kids by Rebecca Rolland

Why We’re Polarized by Ezra Klein

Optimal Outcomes by Jennifer Goldman-Wetzler