Self Help That Really Helps

Nudge : improving decisions about health, wealth, and happiness

Thaler, Richard H.

Call Number 330.019 THAL

Mindset : the new psychology of success

Dweck, Carol S.

Call Number 153.8 DWEC

Quiet : the power of introverts in a world that can't stop talking

Cain, Susan

Call Number: 155.232 CAIN

The Willpower Instinct

McGonigal, Kelly

Call Number: 153.8 MCG

Presence : bringing your boldest self to your biggest challenges

Cuddy, Amy Joy Casselberry

Call Number: 158.1 CUDD

The happiness advantage : the seven principles of positive psychology that fuel success and performance at work

Achor, Shawn

Call Number: 158.7 ACHO

Flourish : a visionary new understanding of happiness and well-being

Seligman, Martin E. P.

Call Number: 150.19 SELI

Flow : the psychology of optimal experience

Csikszentmihalyi, Mihaly

Call Number: 155.2 CSIK

Better than before

Rubin, Gretchen

Call Number: 158.1 RUBI

The checklist manifesto

Gawande, Atul

Call Number: 610.289 GAWA