Adult Use Marihuana

Adult-Use Marihuana Establishment Information

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Before and after the Ordinance takes effect, any questions regarding it shall be submitted in writing form by personal delivery, mail, or email to the Clerk’s office with a Subject Line of “Adult-Use Marihuana Establishment License Question.”  The submission shall include the person’s name and address and include an acknowledgment that the submission and any Township response to it will be posted on the Township’s website for Adult-Use Marihuana Facility Licensing.  The only response a Township official, employee, or agent may make if asked a question regarding the Ordinance by phone, mail, email, in person, or otherwise is to advise of this requirement to present the question to the Clerk’s office.  The address and email address for the Clerk’s office for submission of Ordinance questions is:

Waterford Township Clerk
 Attn:  Adult-Use Marihuana Establishment Licensing
 5200 Civic Center Drive
 Waterford, MI 48329
 Township Clerk

Adult-Use Marihuana Question and Answers

A. Geyer 07/14/23