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  1. If you have a question or need to file a complaint regarding your cable service, please complete this form, or call Gary Allison, Cable Coordinator, at 248-674-6242.
  2. For billing or service requests please call Comcast, the cable company at: 877-842-6622, or AT&T at 800-288-2020.
  3. In 2003, the FCC made a declaratory ruling that reclassified internet over cable as an information, not video, service. As the township only has authority over cable video service, this decision removed jurisdiction over cable modems from the local franchise authority. In addition, the decision eliminated the payment of franchise fees for cable modem service. As the FCC now has jurisdiction over cable modem service, all complaints regarding this service should be addressed to the FCC. In addition, phone service complaints should be addressed to the FCC, as well.
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