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Outreach Service Application

  1. About our Home Delivery Service

    If you live in Waterford Township and you are restricted to your home permanently or temporarily due to low vision or limited mobility, you may be able to use the Waterford Township Library Outreach Services Home Delivery Program. We make deliveries using our library van.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How often are materials delivered?
    Library materials can be delivered on an “as needed” basis and you can specify the items you want or let us surprise you! Or we can deliver regularly/monthly. We can do contactless delivery of materials during COIVD-19 times by leaving items outside your door or on your porch. 

    Is there any charge for this service?
    No. This service is provided free to residents of Waterford Township.

    How do I register for this program?
    Complete the service application form below and library staff will contact you.

    Alternatively, you can call Jean Hansen at 248-618-7682 to register.

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    Is this address a senior residence or nursing home?
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  5. Please describe your reason for requesting homebound services.
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    If the title you request is not available in large print, will you accept regular print?
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  9. Who are you favorite authors and what types of books are you interested in reading?
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