All Things Tech

Author Title Call Number Digital Downloads*
Breslaw, Anna Scarlett Epstein Hates It Here (Blogs) TEEN FICTION BRESLAW  Not available
Brezenoff, Steven Guy in Real Life (Video games) TEEN FICTION BREZENOFF  Hoopla
Card, Orson Scott Ender's Game (War simulation) TEEN PB CARD  Overdrive
Charbonneau, Joelle Need (Social media) TEEN FICTION  Not available
Cline, Ernest Ready Player One  (Virtual reality) TEEN PB CLINE Hoopla & Overdrive
Dashner, James The Eye of Minds (Virtual reality) TEEN PB DASHNER  Overdrive
Deebs, Tracy Phantom Wheel (Hacking) TEEN FICTION DEEBS  Not available
Doctorow, Cory For the Win (Online games) TEEN FICTION DOCTOROW  Not available
Doctorow, Cory Little Brother (Hacking) TEEN FICTION DOCTOROW  Overdrive
Doctorow, Cory Pirate Cinema (Internet) TEEN FICTION DOCTOROW  Not available
Gonzales, Andrea Girl Code: gaming, going viral, and getting it done  TEEN 005.1 GONZ  Hoopla
Hansen, Dustin Game On!: video game history from Pong and Pac-man to Mario, Minecraft and more  TEEN 794.8 HANS  Not available
Kaplan, A. E. We Regret to Inform You (Hacking) TEEN FICTION KAPLAN Not available
Kemmerer, Brigid More Than We Can Tell (Online games) TEEN FICTION KEMMERER  Not available
Kincaid, S. J. Insignia (Virtual reality) TEEN FICTION KINCAID  Hoopla & Overdrive
Klavan, Andrew MindWar (Video games) TEEN FICTION KLAVAN  Hoopla & Overdrive
Kritzer, Naomi Catfishing on CatNet (Social media) TEEN FICTION KRITZER  Not available
Littman, Sarah Backlash (Social media) TEEN FICTION LITTMAN  Not available
Lord, Emma Tweet Cute  (Social media) TEEN FICTION LORD Overdrive
Lu, Marie Warcross (Virtual reality) TEEN FICTION LU  Overdrive
Lundin, Britta Ship It (Social media) TEEN FICTION LUNDIN  Hoopla
Lyga, Barry The Hive (Social media) TEEN FICTION LYGA  Overdrive
Morris, Brittney Slay (Online game) TEEN FICTION MORRIS  Overdrive
Ockler, Sarah #scandal (Social media) TEEN FICTION OCKLER  Not available
Oh, Axie Rebel Seoul (War simulation) TEEN FICTION OH  Not available
Paisley, Erinne Can Your Smartphone Change the World? (Social media) TEEN 303.4833 PAIS  Hoopla
Patterson, James Expelled (Social media) TEEN PATTERSON  Overdrive
Peevyhouse, Parker Strange Exit  (Virtual reality) TEEN PEEVYHOUSE Not available
Ryan, Jeanne Nerve (Online games) TEEN PB RYAN  Overdrive
Sales, Leila Tonight the Streets are Ours (Blogs) TEEN FICTION SALES  Not available
Segel, Jason Otherworld  (Virtual reality) TEEN FICTION SEGEL Overdrive
Vail, Rachel Unfriended (Social media) TEEN PB VAIL  Not available
Vail, Rachel Well, That was Awkward (Texting) TEEN FICTION VAIL  Overdrive
Wasserman, Robin Hacking Harvard (Hacking) TEEN PB WASSERMAN  Not available
*Information and help sheets for Hoopla and Overdrive are available here.

Updated 4/29/2020