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Author   Title
Call Number Digital Downloads* 
Alexie, Sherman   The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian Teen Fiction Alexie Sherman Overdrive
Bloor, Edward   Tangerine Teen PB Bloor Edward Overdrive 
Bodeen, S. A.   The Compound Teen PB Bodeen S A  Overdrive
Brewer, Zac    Eighth Grade Bites Teen PB Brewer Zac Overdrive
Budhos, Marina    Watched Teen Fiction Budhos Marina Not available
Calame, Don   Swim the Fly Teen Fiction Calame Overdrive
Card, Orson Scott   Ender's Game Teen PB Card Orson Overdrive
Dashner, James   The Maze Runner Teen Fiction Dashner James Overdrive 
Hinton, S. E.    The Outsiders Teen PB Hinton S E Overdrive
Horowitz, Anthony   Stormbreaker Teen PB Horowitz Anthony Overdrive
Korman, Gordon   No More Dead Dogs Teen Fiction Korman Gordon Overdrive
Lore, Pittacus   I am Number Four Teen Fiction Lore Pittacus Overdrive & Hoopla 
Myers, Walter Dean   Monster Teen Fiction/Teen PB Myers Walter Overdrive & Hoopla 
Pratchett, Terry    Dodger Teen Fiction Pratchett Terry Overdrive & Hoopla
Ribay, Randy   After the Shot Drops  Teen Fiction Ribay, Randy Overdrive
Sachar, Louis   Holes Teen PB Sachar Louis Overdrive
Salisbury, Graham    The Hunt for the Bamboo Rat Teen PB Salisbury Graham Overdrive
Scott, Michael    The Alchemyst Teen PB Scott Michael Overdrive
Smith, Alexander Gordon   Lockdown: escape from the furnace Teen Fiction Smith Alexander Not available
Vizzini, Ned   It's Kind of a Funny Story Teen Fiction Vizzini Ned Overdrive & Hoopla 
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Updated 4/16/2020