Spies and Secret Agents

Title     Author Call Number Digital Downloads * 
Chains     Anderson, Laurie Teen PB Anderson Laurie Not available
Future Shock     Briggs, Elizabeth Teen Fiction Briggs Elizabeth Hoopla & Overdrive 
I'd Tell You I Love You, But Then I'd Have to Kill You     Carter, Ally Teen Fiction Carter Ally Overdrive 
The Princess Spy     Dickerson, Melanie Teen Fiction Dickerson Melanie Hoopla & Overdrive 
Mila 2.0     Driza, Debra Teen Fiction Driza Debra Hoopla & Overdrive 
SilverFin: a James Bond adventure     Higson, Charles Teen Fiction Higson Charles Not available 
Stormbreaker     Horowitz, Anthony Teen PB Horowitz Anthony Overdrive 
JSA: the liberty files     Jolley, Dan Teen Graphic Novel Jolley Dan Not available 
MindWar     Klavan, Andrew Teen Fiction Klavan Andrew Hoopla & Overdrive 
A Spy in the House     Lee, Y. S.  Teen PB Lee  Overdrive 
Girl in Blue     Rinaldi, Ann Teen Fiction Rinaldi Ann Not available 
Hunt for the Bamboo Rat     Salisbury, Graham Teen PB Salisbury Graham Overdrive 
Au Revoir, Crazy European Chick     Schreiber, Joe Teen Fiction Schreiber Joe Hoopla & Overdrive 
Black Widow: forever red     Stohl, Margaret Teen Fiction Stohl Margaret Hoopla 
Rebel Mechanics: all is fair in love and revolution     Swendson, Shanna Teen Fiction Swendson Shanna  Not available
Code Name Verity     Wein, Elizabeth Teen Fiction Wein Elizabeth  Overdrive
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Updated 4/27/2020