Absentee Ballots

Application Process

There is an application process to obtain an Absent Voter's Ballot Application (PDF).  We must have an application on file for each ballot. 

  • Last Day to Issue an AV by Mail
    The deadline for voters to request an absent voter ballot by First Class mail has changed to the Friday prior to the election at 5 p.m. Clerks must honor requests received by that time and mail ballots to voters. 
  • AV Emergency Time Frame– The time frame in which voters may request emergency AV ballots runs from 5 p.m. on the Friday prior to the election through 4 p.m. on Election Day.

Permanent Absent Voter's List

To be included on the Permanent Absent Voter's List contact the Clerk's office at 248-674-6266. This will enable the Clerk's office to mail you an application for an absent voter's ballot before each election. Remember, you must complete an application before we are able to mail your ballot.

Where is my Ballot?

Track your Application and Ballot at the Michigan Voter Information Center

Ballot Marking Instructions

Clarification - Straight Party Voting allowed on November ballot.  Click here for Updated Ballot Marking Instructions PDF.

Submit an Application

  • By mail:
    Township Clerk
    5200 Civic Center Drive
    Waterford, MI 48329
  • Fax: 248-674-5455
  • Email

Mailed Ballots

We may not give an absent voter's ballot to anyone other than the voter personally. Absent voter's ballot requests are mailed the day we receive your completed and signed application.  You may request your ballot be mailed to any address outside of Waterford if you will be out of town.