Zoning Ordinance

About the Ordinance

A hard copy of the Zoning Ordinance is available for purchase at the Development Services Department counter for $25.00

On February 22, 2010, the Township Board adopted a comprehensive amendment to the Waterford Township Zoning Ordinance.

The Zoning Ordinance has been adopted in accordance with Public Act 110 of 2006, Michigan Zoning Enabling Act, as amended, for the purposes of establishing zoning districts and regulating land development within Waterford’s municipal boundaries.

Goals & Objectives

The Zoning Ordinance has been adopted to further the implementation of the goals and objectives of the Waterford Township Master Plan with the purpose of promoting and preserving the public health, safety, peace, morals, comfort, convenience, and general welfare of the citizens. The fulfillment of this purpose is to be accomplished by seeking:

  • To meet the needs of Township citizens for food, fiber, energy and other natural resources
  • To establish adequate standards for the provision of light, air, and open spaces
  • To limit the overcrowding of land and congestion of population, transportation systems, and other public facilities
  • To provide for adequate drainage, curbing of erosion, and reduction of flood damage
  • To provide standards to control the amount of open space and impervious surfaces within a development
  • To control the intensity of development in areas of sensitive natural resources or natural features in order to reduce or eliminate adverse environmental impacts
  • To facilitate adequate and efficient provision for transportation systems, sewage disposal, water, energy, education, recreation, and other public facility and service needs
  • To meet the need and secure the most appropriate locations for residential, recreation, industry, trade, service, and other uses of land
  • To protect and conserve the character and social and economic stability of the residential, commercial, and industrial uses alike from harmful encroachment by incompatible uses and to ensure that land allocated to a class of uses shall not be usurped by other inappropriate uses
  • To isolate or control the location of unavoidable nuisance-producing uses
  • To permit the uninterrupted, unimpaired use of land for public uses and essential services, including but not necessarily limited to, schools, parks, community centers, religious facilities, cemeteries, hospitals, fire and police stations, and similar public uses for as long as deemed necessary by the residents or their elected representatives
  • To fix reasonable standards to which buildings and structures shall conform
  • To define and provide for the powers and duties of the administrative and enforcement officers and bodies
  • To prescribe sanctions and penalties for any violation of the provisions of this Zoning Ordinance, or of any amendment thereto
  • To provide for the eventual elimination of nonconforming property and nonconforming usage of property
  • To provide for a Zoning Board of Appeals and its duties
  • To provide for a map of all zoning districts in the Township
  • To fulfill other legitimate objectives allowed by law