Development Services

About the Department

The mission for the Waterford Township Development Services Department is to plan for and coordinate building, redevelopment, and wise and effective land use in Waterford Township. The department is comprised of Building, Engineering, Community Planning & Zoning and Code Enforcement

Building Division

The Building division reviews site plans and building plans for commercial and residential projects. It issues Building, Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing permits, in conjunction with conducting inspections on the work performed. Permit applications can be found at Permits & Applications

Engineering Division

The Engineering division reviews new commercial development, investigates drainage issues and can assist the community with Special Assessment Districts to fund paving or sidewalks in neighborhoods.

The Community Planning and Zoning division mission is to plan for and coordinate growth, redevelopment, economic development, and wise and effective use of Waterford Township's natural and human resources to create a strong, safe, and pleasant community in which to live, work, and relax.

Code Enforcement

The department investigates and processes complaints regarding existing structures, zoning and land use, by verifying that the Township Ordinances and other developmental codes are observed by all property owners. For more information, visit the Code Enforcement page

Services Provided by Development Services

Business Registration
All businesses are required to register their new or existing business with Development Services and obtain a Certificate of Occupancy. Business Registration Application

Business Licenses
The department assists the Clerk's Office with their issuance of various business licenses by ascertaining that the structure meets the requirements in both the Michigan Building Code and the Waterford Township Ordinances for the type of license being issued.

Rental Property Certification
All rental properties, including short term rentals such as AirBnBs, VBROs, Swimply, etc., are required to register with the Township and abide by the Rental Certification Ordinance. Registration form, fees and inspection information can be found on the Residential Rental Certification page.