Urgent Needs Home Repair Program

Please fill out an Urgent Needs Home Repair Program Application (PDF) to apply for this program.

Individuals who are low-income, handicapped, senior citizens, and Waterford Township homeowners are eligible. The home must be single-family and occupied by the owner for at least 1 year. All property taxes must be current, combined assets must be less than $10,000, and homeowner's insurance must be current.

Deferred Payment Loan
A DPL is a 0%, no monthly payment mortgage that is placed on a home for the amount of the repairs.

Repaying a Loan

The loan is only required to be repaid if the home is sold, there is a transfer of title, or if the home is rented out. As long as the home is owner occupied, payment is not required.

Type of Work That Can Be Done
Eligible work includes limited repairs required to bring the home up to current minimum Housing Property Maintenance Codes. Examples of eligible work includes, but is not limited to:
  • Electrical updates
  • Handicap accessibility
  • Hot water heater
  • New furnace
  • Plumbing updates
  • Roofing
  • Water and/or sewer connection
Type of Work That Cannot Be Done
Examples of work which cannot be included as part of the loan includes, but is not limited to:
  • Carports, or garages not attached to the house
  • Landscaping
  • New construction
  • Payments of taxes, utilities, or assessments
  • Purchase or repair of furnishings
  • Reimbursement of improvements in process or complete