Board of Review

Regular Meetings

  • The 1st meeting of the Board of Review shall be on the Tuesday following the 1st Monday in March. This meeting is to receive the Assessment Roll as prepared by the Assessor for the current year, and they shall proceed in its examination.
  • The 2nd meeting of the Board of Review shall be on the second Monday of March.
  • Current Year Board of Review Schedule (PDF)


The Township’s 3 member Board of Review meets to review property assessments, hear assessment appeals, and make any needed corrections to the assessment roll. In addition, they may meet to be advised on assessments, assessment appeals and to sign documents, certificates, affidavits, etc. The Board is also responsible, at its July and December sessions, to hear local appeals on approvals and denials of homestead exemption issues. The Board members participate in at least 1 training session each year.

Board of Review Members for January 1, 2023 through December 31, 2024 are:

  • Carolyn Leonard
  • Sandy Pulk
  • Chuck Tornow
  • Alternate - Terry Tamm

Appealing Your Property Tax Assessment

If after receiving your yearly property tax assessment notice in February, you feel the assessed value is more than half of what you would value your property at, you may appeal the assessment and/or the taxable value to the Board of Review.