Economic Development Corporation

Members- current as of March 1, 2019

  • William Flury, Chair
  • Brian Seibert, Treasurer
  • Marie Hauswirth, Board Member
  • James Iodice, Board Member
  • Karen Joliat, Board Member

  • Matt Marko, Board Member
  • Stan Moore, Board Member
  • Brian Papke, Board Member
  • Gary Wall, Board Member
To contact the Economic Development Corporation, call Development Services at 248-674-6238

About the Economic Development Corporation

The Economic Development Corporation (EDC) is an 11 member Board appointed by the Township Supervisor with the approval of the Township Board. Appointments are for 6 year terms. The EDC was created for the public purpose of alleviating and preventing conditions of unemployment by encouraging local municipalities in the State of Michigan to finance industrial and non-profit projects with EDC revenue bonds or revenue notes.

The Township welcomes your comments on the application. Please contact Development Services at 248-674-6238.

Walkability Study

In 2001, the Township’s Economic Development Corporation funded a Walkability Study intended to assist the Township to address an important quality of life issue that has an economic impact on this community.

Because of the size of this document, people with slower internet connections may experience excessive download waiting times when downloading the complete study, potentially more than 2 hours for those with 21k connections. The following documents will connect those with the slower connections to separate documents representing individual chapters and appendices to enable a faster download time.

Walkability Study Report Sections

Planned Destination Planning Process
In 2006-2007, the Township’s Economic Development Corporation funded a planning process intended to develop goals for the long-range redevelopment of the Summit Place Mall area.

Planning Documents