Automatic Meter Reading

The Water Department utilizes an electronic outside reading device to conveniently read water meters, without the need to interrupt residents or enter their homes.

Location & Reading the Box

The outside reading device, Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) device is a small gray rectangular box that is attached to a certain location on the exterior of the building. Usually the AMR is located on the same side of the house as the inside water meter. The AMR is electronically connected by a wire to the inside water meter. 

Accessible AMRs

Having the outside AMR accessible at all times to meter reading personnel is vital. This allows the water department to bill you based on an actual reading, not an estimated reading. This will keep you from receiving a bill at a later date which is considerably higher than expected. Township Ordinance (PDF): 17 section 340 part C states: "All meters shall be set in a clean dry place perfectly accessible." This means that there can not be any overgrown shrubs, or bushes obstructing the reading device. There can not be a dog, or another hazard near the outside reading device preventing the meter reading personnel from obtaining a reading from the device or performing maintenance.