Wellhead Protection Program

Michigan’s Wellhead Protection Program (PDF) (WHPP) was created to protect community public water supplies from contaminants, which may have adverse health effects if they were to reach water supply wells. The program works in combination with public awareness, planning, education, and management programs.

Wellhead Protection Program Informational Video: This video details the efforts of the DPW to continue to protect its source water.

Environmental Concern Locations

Waterford Township DPW maintains a database of locations within Waterford Township that could represent points of environmental concern for the public water supply.  The data is stored and maintained within the DPW's Geographic Information System (GIS).  The data is exported from the GIS and updated on the website automatically. 

Environmental Concerns Locations

Wellhead Mapping Application

Waterford Township DPW has built a multi-platform map based web application for the public to be able to search locations and determine if the location falls within a wellhead protection area.  The application also shows possible areas of environmental concern within the wellhead area.  This tool allows for a better spatial understanding of the importance of these critical wellhead areas.  The application can be accessed from the link below.

Wellhead Mapping Application