Inside Water Meters

Locating an Inside Water Meter

If your home has a basement, the inside water meter is most likely located there. The water meter is located on the main water line. Look for the meter to be placed opposite of the outside reading device, which is connected by a wire leading into the building.

The inside water meter has the word "Neptune" printed on the meter itself. The device has a cylinder top in which you can see through. Read the 6 digits on the meter (from left to right). The device on the top of the meter looks like a car odometer.

If your home has a crawl space, the inside water meter will most likely be located there. You will most likely need a flash light with you to be able to see and read the meter.

In some cases the inside water meter is located near the laundry area, under the kitchen sink or near a hot water heater.

Maintenance of the Inside Water Meter

The Waterford Township Water Department is responsible for the maintenance of the water meter only. The valves on both sides of the meter that turn the water on and off are the responsibility of the customer to be sure they are in good working order. If the water meter develops a leak, or has an issue the water department will come out and investigate. Customers are required to have ample heat in their home/business to keep the meter from freezing. Also, meters must be accessible and in a clean and dry location. Please call the water department as soon as you notice an issue.

If a leak should develop, turn the valve off located before the meter and call the water department at 248-674-2278, option 1.